18 Interior Wood Wall Paneling Design Ideas



Wall panels – interior wood wall paneling design Ideas.

Wood wall panels isn’t a new design element by any means, however it is a diverse one. Wooden wall paneling has evolved greatly over the years making it a very interesting topic to discuss.

The history of wood wall paneling began in the 16th century in Britain and Western Europe. During this time wood paneling was a luxurious style and a home interior outfitted with wood was considered a sign of wealth and magnificence.

Over time wood wall panels fell out of fashion, so to speak, until the ’50s to ’70s. The return of the trend wasn’t purely for beauty this time, but more so because that it was easy to install and cost-effective.

Interior wood wall panels has once again made a resurange, however it’s changed greatly from past appearances. The biggest difference from the hauntingly fake looking panels of the 1970s is that today’s wall accents use real wood. Real wood wall panels gives a richness, naturality and authentic feel to any interior design style. With it you can create a statement or a simple touch of elegance; it’s an extremely versatile element.

Advances in building materials have also played a significant role in how stunning modern wood panels can be. Kebony modified wood, for example, was a monumental advancement in the way of eco-friendly wood building products for exterior decking and cladding, however we’ve also seen a great many examples of how it can also be used in a wealth of interior applications including wood wall panels.

If the building or home interior you’re designing is lacking a certain level of warmth, depth and texture, modified wood wall panels might just be the positive transformation you need.

Here are 18 examples of how modified wood wall panels can be utilized. (See also our 5 variations of interior wood cladding

1. A Sleek Charcoal Wood Backsplash for a Bathroom or Kitchen

(Family-friendly modern home with Shou Sugi Ban paneling, by Modern with Passion, NE Designs Inc, LA Build Corp, photo by skyphotography)

Wood isn’t often recommended for high-humidity spaces, like bathrooms and kitchens, but modified wood performs perfectly in these settings. This bathroom is ultra-sleek and modern in design, with charred wood wall paneling style called Shou Sugi Ban used with Kebony wood.

2. Mixed Materials for a Retro-Industrial Paneled Wall

(Kebonized wood based on pine, maple and beech, by Transmaterial)

This subway station has a retro-industrial theme with Kebony wood panels. The wood panels adds some warmth, while the stainless steel trim and bright gold orange walls add life. Compared to boring concrete walls, this design is very lively and memorable.

3. Create a Relaxing Atmosphere with Thin-Strip Paneling

(Farris Bad Spa Hotel Modified Wood Cladding, by Halvorsen & Reine AS)

The interior of this spa hotel perfectly pairs clean whites with real wood. The wall is covered in thin strip panels for an updated appearance. The use of slatted paneling rather than solid wood is great for shared walls, particularly glass walls. The strip panels will let in light, but still provides a sense of privacy.

4. High-Contrast Dark Paneling with Metal and Glass

(The W Hotel, by Delta Millworks, photo by Delta Millworks)

This opulent lobby will instantly wow hotel guests and showcases how upscale wood panels can be. Shou Sugi Ban Kebony wood clads the majority of the walls in the lobby, giving the space a dark and sinfully chic look. Combined with reflective glass elevator doors, round pendant lights and metal decor, this hotel stands out as an exceedingly posh Boston destination.

5. Diagonal Wall Paneling with a Vintage Charm

(Del Mar, by Delta Millworks, photo by Delta Millworks)

Wood wall panels is traditionally placed vertically or horizontally, but you might also want to consider diagonal placement. The backdrop to this bar is a beautiful, high-character wood. The diagonal placement and tone to the wood look vintage and weathered. Although a rustic appeal was the goal here, diagonal placement will be equally attractive in modern settings.

6. Creating Character in a Neutral Space

(Berean Baptist Church, by Homestead Timbers, photo by Homestead Timbers)

If you’re looking to design a neutral space with subtle colors of white and gray, you might find that a rich dark brown wall panels is just the piece to add character without being distracting. In addition to the neutral color pallet, this space is also very large and open, so the Kebony wood not only adds an earthy, organic feel, but also makes the space feel cozier and more intimate.

7. Add Bold Texture to an Accent Wall with Shou Sugi Ban Panels

(Charred Kebony for Ligne Roset & Cinna showroom, by Les Brûleurs du Bois)

Rather than painting an accent wall, consider paneling it instead. This wall partition is covered in Shou Sugi Ban Kebony modified wood. This enhancement gives the wood even more texture, which only serves to improve the space. Flat painted or wallpapered walls don’t add nearly as much dimension as wood wall panels does.

8. Eye-Catching Natural Grained Wood Wall Panels

(Boston Residential, by Delta Millworks, photo by Delta Millworks)

The natural grain of this stunning wood wall creates a rustic setting for a very modern interior. This style of wood would do very well in modern, minimalist, industrial, and similar style rooms. Sticking with simple furnishings will allow the wood to make a statement and highlight the room’s exquisitely curated style.

9. Distinctive Deep Black Wood Wall Covering


Black walls have been growing in popularity as they set the tone for a very rich and dramatic style. Taking this idea a step above can be done with charred Shou Sugi Ban Kebony. Not only will this give you the effect of a bold dark color, but it will also give more dimension and character to your space and is surprisingly versatile in the design you pair it with.

10. Floor-to-Ceiling Wood Walls with Exposed Structure

(Boat house, by TYIN Tegnestue, photo by Pasi Aalto)

This Scandinavian boat house is a wood-lovers dream and despite it being an outdoor structure, the same idea can be adopted into residential homes and other interiors. The entire interior is clad in wood and the exposed structure has a rustic appeal. You can replicate the same aesthetic by covering a living room wall in wood paneling and installing a wood coffered ceiling or exposed beams.

11. Light and Bright Chic Slatted Wood Panels

(Sustainable School, by Arkitema Architects, photo by Niels Nygaard)

The open and light interior of this building was maintained by adding slatted wood panels. Choosing a brighter color of wood, such as something that replicates white oak, will help prevent the interior from appearing too dark. The placement of the slats also a bit staggered, adding a touch of imperfect charm.

12. Dusky Gray Wood Paneling for an Indoor-Outdoor Dining Space


This indoor-meets-outdoor dining space is an inviting and intimate place to gather and entertain. The perfectly charcoal gray wall paneling isn’t too dark or overwhelming, but it blends in with the rest of the room and light gray wood flooring. Wood wall paneling can be treated just like any other wood material, so the sky’s the limit when it comes to surface treatments and colors.

13. Matching Wood Walls to the Floor for Rustic Character

(YETI Flagship, by Delta Millworks, The Lauckgroup, Drophouse, photo by YETI)

Using a lighter tone of wood is great for matching wood wall panels to your floors. The wood and flooring used here are light enough that they aren’t overpowering, but have a weathered look to them that adds personality. You’ll also see charred Kebony modified wood used to panel the bump-out above the bar.

14. Letting the Beauty of Natural Wood Speak for Itself

(Livereds Chapel, by Malmström Edström, photo by Urban Lidström)

Although there are many ways you can stain, paint or otherwise treat your wood paneling, sometimes less is more. Homes with rustic farmhouse and similar themes can benefit from using natural wood. This chapel wall is a great example of how beautiful wood can be when left bare and natural. Using modified wood ensures that you won’t need to ever stain or seal your walls.

15. Creating a Complete Kitchen Design with Wood Panels

(Edwardian Home, by HRI architects, photo by Markus Photography)

This immaculate kitchen is refreshing and welcoming. The use of wood panels on the walls, sides of the counter, and the exposed beam along the ceiling pulls everything together. If covering an entire wall is too overwhelming for a space, then going this route is a great alternative.

16. Simplistic Beauty of a Wood Paneled Recess

(Gjøvik house, by Norm Architects, photo by Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen)

A great way of adding the warmth of wood to your home is to use it for recessed walls and cabinetry. This simple but attractive design adds depth and class to this kitchen. The used of wood wall panels can also be adopted into open closets, recessed entertainment centers and built-in open shelving.

17. Contemporary Interior with Heightening Vertical Panels

(Waldorf School, by LINK Arkitektur, photo by Jiri Havran)

This contemporary interior is fully clad in wood wall paneling. The placement of vertical boards instantly heightens this vaulted room even further while the hanging pendant lights help give movement and playfulness to the open space. The recessed window frames and interesting angles align with Scandinavian architecture and could easily be adopted into other styles as well.

18. Enhancing the 5th Wall with Wood Ceiling Panels

(Wooden wave in ceiling panel, by M-S Pro Architects, photo by M-S Pro Architects)

Interior designers understand that the ceiling is more like the 5th wall to a room and shouldn’t be ignored. Wood wall paneling can look unique and stunning on a ceiling, whether in a restaurant or a home’s den. This ceiling, for example, is covered in a very unique custom cut wave pattern, complementing the live movement of the indoor lap pool beneath.

Wood wall paneling is one design element that has made an incredible comeback in today’s modern interiors. Modified wood is a beautiful material and one that can be readily adapted for interior use with stunning results.

For more information on how you can use modified wood for your wood wall paneling design, contact a Kebony representative.