Tom Giacinto of DM Braun Creates Stunning Outdoor Spaces with Sustainable Materials



We recently spoke with Tom Giacinto, CEO of DM Braun, about his work and the ways he utilizes Kebony in his commercial exterior projects throughout the country.


“I don’t even really call it a job, because I’ve always enjoyed it.”
Tom Giacinto, CEO of DM Braun

Tom Giacinto purchased DM Braun, located in Laguna Hills, California, after 15 years in the manufacturing sector. He was immediately drawn to the company’s commitment to quality engineering and manufacturing services in the commercial exterior space. DM Braun has been in business for over 30 years, and is highly trusted, respected and recognized for their custom designs, engineering expertise, and manufacturing capabilities.

One of Tom’s favorite current projects is at Inland Empire, where DM Braun is using Kebony materials for benches, picnic tables, litter receptacles and other exterior furniture installations. This project is currently in the construction phase and will be complete before the end of 2020.

Another favorite project is the San Francisco airport, where Kebony materials were used for unique seating areas that are a mix of Kebony and formed concrete.


“When we work with Kebony, it’s easy on our tools, and it still retains the characteristics of the hardwoods.”

Tom has enjoyed working with the Kebony team for the past nine months on various projects throughout the West Coast. He loves the ease of use that the materials provide, as well as the guarantee of sustainability. In his industry, tropical hardwoods are known to wear down tools quickly, and are quite cumbersome to move around the shop. When working with Kebony, Tom appreciates the lightweight durability of the wood, the ease of assembly, and the wear and tear it saves on his machinery.

Because the majority of DM Braun’s products are installed outdoors, Tom is always looking for materials that are dimensionally stable, have a low expansion and contraction rate, and can sustain their original quality and beauty with exposure to the elements. Kebony meets all of those requirements, while also providing peace of mind knowing that the material is sustainably sourced and manufactured.

DM Braun has always been focused on quality, and working with Kebony has allowed Tom Giacinto to continue that focus and commitment through the use of high quality materials that make a bold aesthetic statement.

The company has many new and exciting projects in the works, including a series of mounted benches that will be installed at Torrey Pines golf course in early 2021.