How To Maintain Kebony Wood



One of the most appealing qualities of Kebony wood is that it requires very little maintenance. The Kebony Technology takes sustainably-sourced softwoods and modifies the wood properties to create a stable, hard, and durable modified wood. This patented process ensures each wood design project featuring Kebony will be long-lasting. Due to its resilience, Kebony wood is easy to maintain. Here are some maintenance tips to help you care for your Kebony products:

Will my Kebony deck or cladding turn gray?

Kebony boards have a deep brown coloring at the time of installation that will age into a silver-gray patina over time. The pace of this process varies, and depends on the exposure conditions and the type of application. The color may gradually change across a few months, or it may happen more rapidly if the wood is exposed to intense sunlight or rain. It is important to note that this change in appearance is normal, and does not in any way affect the durability of the product.

How do I keep the brown color of my Kebony?

Some may wish to reduce the graying effect, keeping the original deep brown color. This can be done with surface treatments using oil or stain. It is safe for all Kebony products to be surface coated if desired. When treatment is selected, directions from the coating manufacturer should be adhered to closely.

How do I clean Kebony?

Cleaning the surface of Kebony wood products is simple. Dirt and stand deposits and other surface contamination can be removed with a brush and water. Household cleaning agents and detergents appropriate for exterior cleaning are also safe to use, as long as manufacturer guidelines for the products are observed. We do not recommend the use of high-pressure washers on its products once they are installed.

Written by Ambralin Griggs