Greenhome Solutions: Steering Clients Toward Sustainable Construction



Greenhome Solutions: Steering Clients Toward Sustainable Construction
Featuring Pieter Sundgren, Trade Sales Manager at GHS

Pieter Sundgren is a Trade Sales Manager at Greenhome Solutions (GHS) in Seattle, Washington. In his position, he services architects, designers, builders, contractors, and project owners. GHS is a green building material supplier and distributor, and the company focuses on educating their customers about sustainable, green building materials. Sundgren said the community relies on their dedication to sustainability.

“We try to focus on the best of the best when it comes to greener, more sustainable, better [building material] options.”
-Pieter Sundgren, Trade Sales Manager at GHS

Sundgren has been in the construction industry for as long as he can remember, starting with remodeling and contractor work with his dad when he was younger. By the late 1990’s, he found himself unhappy with the amount of waste created and the frivolity of choices made throughout the process of a build. He was tired of throwing so much construction debris into a landfill, and installing products that would not last. He attempted to guide his clients toward more sustainable options, which were also more quality options. His clients at that time were only partially receptive to the suggestions, and he wanted to focus on working with clients who were interested in sustainable options.

He began working with Environmental Home Center, where he bought supplies for his contracting jobs. Eventually, the sales representative at Environmental Home Center suggested Sundgren may have a future in selling green building products instead of contracting. He learned of two brothers starting a business called Greenhome Solutions, and visited to learn more about it. Not long after, he was offered a job working in product sales at GHS.

“When you walk onto a Kebony deck and the real estate agent is telling that story, it’s almost a must-have. People who see and recognize those products will pay top dollar and respect that home for the next generation.”

Sundgren learned about Kebony from an architect friend, who recommended it because GHS is an FSC-certified lumber yard. He spent an entire year researching the products, and talking with Kebony to be sure the material would be a good fit for GHS. He addressed the fact that GHS is respected by architects in the community, and what they say to these architects about a product influences their decisions on sustainable materials. Sundgren felt that Kebony would make an excellent partner, given the shared vision of sustainability that aligned with GHS.

When asked about his favorite project featuring Kebony, Sundgren mentioned a beautiful 2,300 square foot deck for a business owner in Seattle. The client loved the aesthetic of the naturally-occurring silver-gray patina that Kebony offers, and was equally interested in its sustainability. The client was struggling to decide on a decking material, so he asked Sundgren what he would use if he were building a deck. When Sundgren said he would use Kebony, the client was sold on the quality and uniqueness the product would provide. This client has since launched a fencing and decking company, with Kebony being the main product he specs on his projects.

GHS takes pride in knowing they help build homes, rather than houses. They love that clients are happy with their projects, and are willing to show their own personal decks to potential buyers. Kebony products have proven to be tried and true, and a level of trust has been built with clients surrounding the material that will continue to duplicate itself with each new successful project.

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