Understanding FSC Certified Wood


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FSC certified wood – what is it?

Known as the mark of responsible forestry, you’ll find the FSC label on many wood products that you can buy for your home. Those who are looking for eco-friendly and sustainable options for their homes may already be seeking out this label, while others may simply want to know why they see it on their favorite products. The Forest Stewardship Council works to improve forest management, and in doing so helps manufacturers who use wood to make better social and environmental choices with their products. Choosing wood that has been FSC certified means that you can rest assured that this product is made by a company doing their best to protect the environment.

What the FSC Does

what is FSC-Certified Wood

Obtaining certification on wood products is a voluntary act that manufacturers can do to help produce a more environmentally friendly product. No laws are used to require manufacturers to follow the protocol set out by the FSC.

FSC sets the standards for responsible forest management. They understand that the best way to prevent deforestation is not by stopping the use of wood products, but rather the responsible management of the forests the products come from. After all, most people use roughly 6 trees worth of paper products each year, which makes changing the way that wood is harvested and managed a much more effective means of control.

The FSC is the gold standard in forest management. Their principles and management plans are among the best out there, which means that any wood product manufacturer who obtains FSC certification for their product is following stringent guidelines in the harvesting, planting and protection of the forest they obtain their wood from.

Why the FSC Label Matters

Deforestation is responsible for roughly 20% of greenhouse gas emissions, which means that the loss of forests due to development and product manufacturing is one of the leading causes of things like climate change and pollution.

The FSC encourages consumers to look for its label on wood products. When you choose products that are certified by the FSC, you help to combat deforestation. This consumer-based demand is far more effective at helping manufacturers to make better choices than simply stopping the use of wood product consumption. Purchasing wood products with this label means that you’re supporting good forestry practices and sending a message with each purchase to the manufacturer that these things matter.

Before the FSC certification, most consumers had no idea where the wood products that they were purchasing came from. They had no way of knowing whether the company was simply harvesting trees, if they were planting new ones, or caring for the environment at all. By making a voluntary certification program, the FSC changed the way that consumers can make choices concerning the materials they use in and around their homes. This includes not only paper products, but also the wood materials used in homes, such as wood decking and siding.

The Trend Toward FSC Certified Wood

You may notice that a large number of wood products available today are FSC certified. This is because consumer choices matter and manufacturers are falling in line with current trends. As more people look for sustainable products, manufacturers are increasingly encouraged to seek out these certifications and implement the changes needed to earn them.

This is why so many manufacturers who are concerned with producing a sustainable product, such as Kebony, are making the effort to become certified by the FSC. This growing trend is a direct reflection of the consumer’s’ voice and choices in the marketplace. With eco-friendly design quickly becoming one of the biggest interests that homeowners have when it comes to remodeling, more manufacturers of wood products need to make the switch to responsible forest management to remain a viable option in today’s marketplace.

When you choose an FSC certified wood product, like Kebony’s sustainable wood decking and cladding, you are not only making a sustainable choice for your home, you’re sending a message that these types of material matter. This trend will help ensure the continued presence of forests and wood products for many years to come.

Look for the FSC Label

When it’s time to purchase a wood-based product or material for your home, take the time to look for manufacturers who bear the FSC label, like Kebony. Doing so ensures that you’re getting a more sustainable and environmentally responsible product for your home. Look for the FSC label on the wood materials you use to make a more responsible choice for your home and for the environment.